Veganpro was founded as Veggiepro in a long-forgotten age, when vegan was regarded as uncool, unhealthy and a pain in the a*** ... it must have been in the year 2003. What started as a cooperation with a now major tofu producer became our wholesaler for organic vegan products. We have gained the most experience with foods. Now we also know how the whole business works with animal food, cosmetics and household products. We offer the necessary food for thought in a huge range of books.


The company Veganpro is based in Kiel on the Baltic coast, right next to the Kiel Canal. Most of the time a stiff sea breeze keeps us lively. We supply the German and European markets with almost 1000 vegan products. More than 95% of the food products are certified organic or contain at least 75% organic ingredients.

From the very beginning we have seen our organic vegan wholesale as a bridge between the existing present and our active responsibility for the future. “simply (only) vegan” wasn’t enough for us. The boundless exploitation of our world by consumption based on conventional agriculture runs counter to our life goals just as much as the exploitation of humans and animals does. That is why we offer a select range of products that are not only of the highest quality but that we also consider to have the smallest possible ecological footprint.