You're a retailer?

Then we have an exciting and wide range of high quality vegan organic products for you. We carry a huge selection of tofu products, the best vegan organic chocolate, energy bars and many other specialty products. You want good advice on your product range? Then we're just what you need.

You sell online?

We can provide you with things you won't find everywhere. That way you can show that you're the right address on the web for those special goods. We can give you advice and tips, because for over 10 years we've learned what it takes.

You run a restaurant, a cafeteria, a snack bar?

Many of your customers want to eat healthy and expect variety and something tasty on their plates. We have just the right vegan products for you: burgers, sausages, cheeses, chutneys, mayonnaise, even wine and champagne ... all vegan, all organic, all delicious. And we also stock bulk consumer packs.

You do business in other European countries?

Take advantage of our experience gained in the booming German vegan market during recent years. We can help you set up a sensible product range and we deliver reliably, whether parcel or pallet, just the way you need it.

You're a cool shopping community?

You want to buy a lot and pay as little as possible? You want eat healthy, are into vegan and organic? Then you've come to the right place. Send us a message and we'll tell you how we can do business together.